UPOP Alums:
The Sophomore Experience
UPOP alums reflect on the "firm skills" preparation they gained from UPOP, and how they continue to benefit from their UPOP experience.
Coaching UPOP Sophomores
MIT alums and other seasoned professionals describe their motivation and experience in volunteering to help deliver the UPOP curriculum of experiential learning modules, coaching and mentoring.
Class of 2021:
Science and Engineering
In UPOP's tenth year we fast forward ten years to consider the UPOP sophomores of 2021. We interviewed a few bright candidates in 2011 to hear their thoughts on the role of science and technology in their future.
Alums & Class of 2021:
Looking to the Future
As UPOP heads into its second decade, we looked ahead: in 2021, what lies in store for the future MIT undergraduate?