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UPOP provides a unique opportunity to infuse academic study with practical experience.

Application Information -- It's not too late!

Although the deadline for student application for the Class of 2020 has passed, ou are welcome to join our waiting list. Apply below, and we will be in touch shortly!
UPOP student application

Sophomores benefit from

1. Access to the UPOP employer network: many companies target UPOP students, offering a significant advantage to sophomores who are otherwise competing against upperclassmen.

2. One-on-one coaching throughout the internship search

3. A track record of success: In 2007, 84% of UPOP students received one or more internship offers. Ninety-eight percent pursued some form of summer employment.

4. Mentors: UPOP provides many opportunities for students to meet industry leaders: networking events, panel discussions, and the January Professional Development Seminar.

5. The Team Leadership Week (aka "Bootcamp"): Perhaps the best-known feature of UPOP, the intensive event is serious fun, with hands-on experiential modules taught by MIT faculty and coached by the many MIT alums who come back each year to work with our students.

Over 500 students from the Class of 2016 applied to UPOP.

For student-related questions, contact Bethany Walsh or Sharon Leary.