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UPOP employers gain access to an elite pool of MIT students who have been coached in collaboration, presentation, and leadership skills.

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UPOP offers employers

1. Well-rounded interns ready to integrate into employers' teams

2. Early access to MIT talent

3. A pipeline to top-notch future full-time employees

4. Improved on-campus branding and visibility

5. Staff consulting to provide the best match between student and employer

6. The opportunity to sponsor events, participate in UPOP activities, and introduce students to the work of the company

Frequently Asked Questions (download PDF)
How do employers get involved?
  • Post an internship (no obligation to hire a student if there isn't a good fit)
  • Volunteer as a speaker, facilitator or coach at a UPOP event during the fall or spring semester
  • Become a Mentor-Instructor for our January Team Training Camp (during MIT's Independent Activities Period—"IAP")
What's the recruiting timeline?
Students start looking in the fall, but spring is the peak season for intern recruiting. Most students finalize internship plans by early spring to mid-spring.
How do employers post a position?
All UPOP needs is the following:
  • Company overview
  • Job description
  • Desired/required skills
  • Is US citizenship required?
  • Will students need their own transportation?
  • What's the application deadline?
  • Where should the students apply?
Note: We can collect résumés for you or have students contact you directly
Where do UPOP students work?
All over the United States & internationally. Approximately 30 students work overseas every year.
When are students available to work? What is the typical length of internships?
Internships usually run 10-12 weeks, they usually fall within the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend. Student and employer determine length of assignment and work schedule.
How much do students get paid?
On average $15 to $22/hour; larger high-tech firms can pay upwards of $35/hour.
Where do the students live?
Some employers provide housing, but most just provide information on housing resources for students.
What factors influence a student's decision about an offer?
UPOP staff have observed that when students are deciding among similar appealing offers, they tend to choose their internships based on:
  • The amount of specific information they have about the summer project itself (when possible)
  • Timing of the offer: most students finalize internship plans by early spring to mid-spring
  • The process leading up to the final interview or final-offer stage: for example, if students are active in their internship search throughout the fall and early spring semester they begin building, early on, a stronger relationship with employers they have been in touch with consistently. Often, the more contact along the way from those employers, the more it tends to sway their decision to work for that company
What are the expectations of employers?
To provide an MIT-caliber internship in which the student is:
  • Challenged with meaningful work
  • Held accountable for successful performance at the end of the summer
  • Given access to at least one role model who can also help the student understand the nature of the organization or enterprise
How can employers increase their exposure to UPOP students?
To further enhance the visibility of your company on campus, contact UPOP employer relations to learn about sponsorship opportunities:
Amy Bass,
UPOP Employer Relations Coordinator